Program of Events

Given the current COVID-19 concerns, the Eastern Pennsylvania Region of JASNA has postponed our 2020 spring, summer, and autumn in-person events until 2021. Given this, the Region will be hosting online events. Please see below for additional details.


2020 Region Events

November Virtual Event

Teatime with Dr. Lyndon Dominique

On Saturday, November 14th at 3:00pm Eastern, we will be hosting "Teatime with Dr. Lyndon Dominique".

During this online event, Dr. Dominique will present a new talk entitled They Came Before Olivia: Black Ladies and Political Blackness in Eighteenth Century British Literature. Here a brief description of what to expect…

As a term, Political Blackness dates back to the 1970s and refers to blacks, whites, Jews and Asians working in solidarity to fight racism and imperialism in Britain. “Anyone from a group affected by racism could identify as politically black, to form a united group,” The Guardian newspaper tells us. However, during 2016 Black History Month celebrations, this newspaper also asked if “political blackness [is] still relevant today?” In response, this talk contends that political blackness is a useful term for understanding how eighteenth-century literary texts circulate ideas about solidarity, political agitation and coalition building. Writers such as Aphra Behn and John Dunton utilize and politicize female tropes of blackness to advance ideas about class and gender difference in ways that can be read in tandem with broad injustices that are levelled against people of African descent. This talk will attempt to contextualize discussions about Olivia Fairfield from The Woman of Colour and that novel’s politics of abolition while considering some of Olivia’s unusual predecessors—black ladies created and politicized by white writers—as Dr Dominique asks, ‘what does a distinctly eighteenth-century political blackness look like?’ and ‘what collective role do literary black ladies play in understanding it?’

Teatime with Dr. Lyndon DominiqueDr. Lyndon Dominique

Afterwards, we will have an interactive Q&A session with Dr. Dominique, which will conclude with one lucky attendee winning a signed copy of his latest book, The Woman of Colour.

The response we received from our two online Teatime events has been amazing. We are very happy that so many of our fellow Janites enjoyed it! We also know that many people are still dealing with personal and financial hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given this, I am pleased to announce that "Teatime with Dr. Lyndon Dominique" event will be FREE and is open to anyone interested in Jane Austen!

If you would like to join us on Saturday, November 14th at 3:00pm, then register using the following link...

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Photo Credit: Photographs courtesy of our speakers